20 facts about me

Jadi 20 facts about me ini gw buat dalam rangka iseng. Jadi inget di Instagram, salah satu temen gw yaitu Regent ngetag gw buat menuliskan hal ini. Jadi gw tulis aja di blog gw. Yuk monggo apa aja sih yang orang – orang (mungkin) ga tau tentang gw. Gw suka banget baca buku. Saking sukanya … More 20 facts about me

The 36 Questions

Arthur Aron, a psychologist, make a research. He said that, two people – no matter who, even a strangers – could falling in love only by answering 36 specific questions and then look one each other for four minutes non stop. Thirty six question divided into three parts and the question become more sensitive and … More The 36 Questions