Day #19 Discuss Your First Love

I met him when I was 14 years old. Atm, he just an ordinary boy next door. But for me, he’s a talented man with slanted eyes and bright smile. I knew it when I saw him for the very first time.  He gave me the kind of love that I’ll never forget.

But, he disappeared and replaced to other man. Seeing him again after so much time took the breath out of me. He was in front of me. Talked to me. His smile and his voice remain the same. He was the one who called me at 2 A.M and talked about universe.

Once more, he walked away from my life. I can still see myself freeze as I catch sight of him. I feel the air catch in my chest and the tears form in my eyes as I walk away.

Do I still like him now?
No I’m not.

My first love had never changed.
But I had.
My first love was my past and I finally left him there.

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