Day +1 Love Life

Start : Scared to be Lonely – Martin Garrix ft Dua Lipa
Disclaimer : lagu ini tidak merujuk kepada apapun


So this is a writing challenge from Lucky. He asked me to write about my love life. Challenge accepted (karena ga usah pake mikir jawabnya)… For people who want to know about my love life, do you ever heard that curiosity killed the cat?

So, let’s start with a simple question – with never simple answer – where did I find love? I found love 14 years ago in Semarang, my hometown. I admire him – not so handsome young man whose 3 years older than me – and I think that it’s naksir at the first sight. Lol. I won’t let you know his name but he have a slanted eyes and bright smile. I finally had the chance to go out with him. However, apparently some things are better to be admired from afar. I love to be with him, he will always be my -somepeoplebutnotmecalledit- first love, but I know that we will never be together because I think that we came from different world and it’s not easy for me to understand him and vice versa. I should control myself in front of him, have no chance to express what do I think, what do I feel. In the other hand, he taught me a lot about life, struggle, hard work, family, love, and how relationship should be. He will always be the best 8 months in my life.

Life went without you. Of course, it did. Of course, it does. It was just an ending, they tell me, not the end. – Memories (Lang Leav) 

-End of Story-

So is he the only one? Hm~ of course not. I have some short term and long term relationship with a few man. But I won’t write too much about them. I like them all. When people asked me, which mantan is the best, well, I’m gonna tell you that every people has a certain better than everyone else so I can’t really say that this one is better than that one.

I change a lot this past few years. Tbh, when I was in a high school, I have a dreams -like any other girls- about how my boyfriend should be. There’s a prince charming outside there on his white riding horse will come to save me. But time goes on and I start to think that my-oh-not-so-prince-charming is riding a turtle instead of horse. People change, I change. My priority and preferences are change. As long as I get ‘that’ chemistry and he is a good hard working smart man, I think that is enough. But it’s not easy to find a man with ‘that’ chemistry. I mean, I don’t need to fall in love with him but at least I can talk a lot with him and feel comfortable to show him my good and bad side. Like I don’t care even if I should fart in front of him (OK… this is just an example. Don’t take it personally. It’s gross actually.)

What ‘that’ chemistry means?? Regardless of his physical appearance, I love to be with the one that’s fun to be with and this is mostly happens if he is comfortable to be himself around me. What this world needs is a sense of humor, and so do I. I love a man with good sense of humor and hopefully he could bring ‘that smile’ to my face everyday.  I’m the one who think that small gestures are more romantic like when he touch my hand, enjoying moment of silence (not that often because me-too-talkative-oh-ricca-please-shut-your-mouth-up), when I sleep on his shoulders, when he kiss me #nosebleeding, and especially when we ngata2in orang together (oh yes I did this, a lot, when I was with my boy). And because sometimes I love weird things, hopefully he could accept that and never try to change me.

I am not the one who always says I love you everyday. But I promise that I will annoy you on daily basis fuffufufufu *evil laughs* I love it when he put a smile on his face when he looks at me but please… I can’t handle it. You will make my face turn red, boy. Don’t do this too often.

Someone (but I forgot who) said that : “I hope we could be on the same level of intelligence, and as interested in meaningful talks and things we’re passionate about. That sense of understanding and being understood will build connection and intimacy you will never find with anyone else. He doesn’t need to be genius but however many times in life you will need someone to talk to, who understands you, and be on the same wavelength.” and I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

Love is not complicated, people are.

End : Dhipa Barus ft Nadin – All Good
Disclaimer : lagu ini tidak merujuk kepada apapun

Last but not least, I am still single and available in restaurants near you =P

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