South Korea

Hisashiburi (I guess that it means long time no see in Japanese language).

So next Sunday, I’ll catch my flight to South Korea. Ah, I can wait to get in touch with the locals. It’s been a year since my last trip (to China and HK). For this trip, I’ll go with my travel mates (my mom, my sister, and my aunt).

So, here’s the itinerary

Sunday, 9 of October 2016
Go to Korea with Garuda Indonesia

Monday, 10 of October 2016
Arrive in Incheon Airport, Seoul. Heading to Hongdae Area, we stay at guesthouse around that area. Go to Itaewon. I really want to go to Line shop. Back to Hongdae, and I’ll meet up with my Korean friends.

Tuesday, 11 of October 2016
We’ll go to Busan and visit Gamcheon Culture Village, BIFF, and Yongdusan Park. Because we stay near Busan Lotte Mart, I guess that we’ll visit that place.

Wednesday, 12 of October 2016
Still at the same city, Busan, one of a big city in South Korea. I guess that Busan is similiar with Surabaya in Indonesia. So we’ll go to Bomeosa temple, one of the most important temple (idk why) in South Korea. Then me and my travel mates will go to Haedong Yonggungsa temple. From that area, we’ll heading to Haeundae beach and finish our visit at Shisegae, one of the biggest shopping area in South Korea. I can’t wait to try Jjimbilbang Lol. Ah… I should eat Lady M during my visit to Shinsegae.

Thursday, 13 of October 2016
Back to Seoul. We will go to Lotte Mart in Seoul Station before check in in our hostel (around Hongdae area – again – ). Then we will go to Love museum Lol (is my mom mind if we go to Love museum? Hmmm~) And then we will watch Nanta Show (my sister beg for this one Lol)

Friday, 14 of October 2016
One full day (Nami Island, Petite France, and Garden of a Morning Calm)

Saturday, 15 of October 2016
My travel mates (esp. my mom and my aunt) will get mad at me if I don’t let them to go to shopping. Based on my experience in Hong Kong and China when they give me ‘min tu tu’ a.k.a cranky face. Lol. So in Saturday, I’ll bring them to Dongdaemun (nah~ I want to visit Arirang shop), Insandong, and Ewha Woman University.

Sunday, 16 of October 2016
Shopping day plus Palace tour for me hahaha. We’ll go to Gyeongbokgyung palace. But before we go to palace, we’ll visit one restaurant near this palace. I heard that this restaurant serve a delicious samgyetang. After that, we’ll go to Myeongdong. Ah this place will be my sister’s favorite place. For me, I only want to try Myeongdong Kyoja. I heard that this restaurant is quite popular in Korea. After that maybe if we have enough time, we’ll go to Nandaemun and Gangnam area.

Monday, 17 of October 2016
Where’s the happiest place on earth? Disneyland? Disneysea? Universal Studio? For me every amusement park is the happiest place on earth. So for my last day in Seoul, I’ll spent my time to visit Everland… with my travel mates Lol. Can’t wait to enjoy the ride. I even book a Q Pass for the roller coaster (my favorite Lol).

Ah~ Let’s see I hope nothing goes wrong and everything will be OK. Can’t wait to get in touch with the locals (this is the main reason why I don’t like to have a tour with travel agent Lol.)


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