For My Love to Tea

Tea is one of my favorite things in the world.

Some tea that I have right now are :

  1. White tea (premium tea), order it from user id lycien – I heard that people know this tea since Chinese empire era. I heard about this tea but never taste it until one day I decide to order it. I need to brew it. It’s so funny because I’m falling in love with this tea’s color. It also smells good and the taste is light. I heard that this tea could prevent cancer, full of antioxidant, and less caffeine.2015-11-25-21.13.51.jpg.jpeg
  2. 养肝茶 Yang Gan Cha – as literal, this tea means liver nourishing tea. This is a tea with a kick to help assist in liver function, blood cleansing and internal detox. It was regarded as a Royal Tea during the Qing Dynasty and presented yearly as a tribute to the emperor. Not only this tea tastes great with a mild aromatic flavour it also detoxifies the liver, nourishes the spleen and the stomach, reduces blood cholesterol and softens the blood vessels. I love how it taste because it’s a little bit sweet flavor inside. Maybe it’s because this tea contain lo han kuo (the tea shop attendant told me about this).2015-11-25-21.14.13.jpg.jpeg
  3. 乌岽单枞Wu Dong Dancong – I get this from Chinese conference in Canada. This is a premium grade Dan Cong (a class of Oolong Tea) from Wu Dong Mountain in Guangdong.  The tea is expertly processed from first flush of spring 2013 tea leaves.  Light oxidization processing has preserved this tea’s high quality tea leaves while bring out their natural Honey and Orchid aroma and taste.  This tea taste good. And it’s not bitter at all, surprisingly. I love it taste. And also smells good. Definitely one of my favorite tea.2015-11-25-21.14.37.jpg.jpeg
  4. Detox tea from Celestial– I got it when I went to Hong Kong. Still not drink it yet. But from what I read from its box, this one is good for natural cleansing and also caffeine free.2015-11-25-21.15.09.jpg.jpeg
  5. Sunmore ginseng tea from Sunmore which located in Kamloops, Canada – This tea taste like a ginseng. What else? Hahaha. I got it when I went to Canada last August. It taste good and also good for healthy, that’s why I bought it. They use North America ginseng for this product.2015-11-25-21.15.25.jpg.jpeg
  6. 枸杞芽茶 Gouqi Ya Cha or in English people will call it Chinese Wolfberry Tea or maybe you know it as goji tea, which a Chinese traditional ingredients for food or medicine. This tea smells sweet and have a strong flavor. For me, the taste is a little bit strange at the beginning, but it get better when I drink it again and again.2015-11-25-21.15.49.jpg.jpeg
  7. I don’t know what it name and never drink it. I’ll tell you about this when I drink it.2015-11-25-21.16.25.jpg.jpeg
  8. 高山茗茶 Gao Shan Ming Cha or it means tea leaves from high mountain. Never drink it. I’ll tell you about this tea when I drink it.2015-11-25-21.16.54.jpg.jpeg
  9. Lo Han Kuo is a famous in China. Lo han guo come from Guilin. It have a lot of benefit for human’s body. I love to drink it when I feel not healthy or when I just want to drink it. I have two kinds of lo han kuo at home.2015-11-25-21.17.42.jpg.jpeg2015-11-25-21.18.09.jpg.jpeg
  10. Nymph of the Nile from Gryphon Tea Company is one of my favorite tea. It’s an organic tea. This tea smells amazing. Btw, this one contain white tea. My friend help me to bought it in Singapore.2015-11-25-21.18.42.jpg.jpeg
  11. Unbridled Lover from 茶多宝 – I bought it when I went to Yangshuo. It taste sour. Not one of my favorite.2015-11-25-21.19.12.jpg.jpeg
  12. 玫瑰茶or you can call it meigui cha in pinyin or you can call it Rose Tea from茶多宝 – I bought it when I went to Yangshuo. You can see that beautiful rose buds on it. But this one is not one of my favorite.2015-11-25-21.19.43.jpg.jpeg
  13. 桂花茶 or you can call it gui hua cha in pinyin or maybe you can call it Osmanthus Tea from茶多宝 – I also bought it when I went to Yangshuo. In Chinese medicine, they use it for the treatment of irregular menstruation. Never try this one. I’ll tell you about this when I drink it2015-11-25-21.20.01.jpg.jpeg
  14. 3:15 pm tea with rose fruity flavor. I don’t really like this one. Truthfully, I’m not a fans of a milk tea. Of course I love to drink milk tea but I’m not a fans of it. I drink it occasionally. The reason why I have it is because I don’t know that this one is milk tea. But it smells good, like a rose of course because it contain rose flavor inside.2015-11-25-21.20.24.jpg.jpeg
  15. Luminositea from  – Oh this tea is one of my favorite. It have a light peppermint taste and I think it’s because of marigold, cornflower, and sugar flower which give a calm sensation when I drink it. One that I notice is, it feel a little bit sweet, but I believe that it don’t contain sugar at all. That’s why it became one of my favorite tea.2015-11-25-21.20.45.jpg.jpeg
  16. Green tea (OSK) – This tea taste strong and this one is my favorite. This tea is Japanese product and I can feel the life in Japan when I drink it Lol.2015-11-25-21.21.10.jpg.jpeg
  17. Lipton Peppermint Tea (infusion) – I have a gastritis and when I feel that my stomach is not really good, I’m gonna have a glass of mint tea. Sometimes I need this tea when I get a headache or when I get a flu. I only need the smell and I will feel better2015-11-25-21.21.25.jpg.jpeg
  18. Twinings Herbal Variety Pack – orange flavor a little bit weird for me. Lemon and ginger is not bad but definitely not one of my favorite. I put my heart to camomile and lemograss flavor.2015-11-25-21.21.40.jpg.jpeg
  19. Green tea Sen Cha from Yamakaen – I have this tea when I went to Blok M. I drink this tea for the first time is when I had my lunch at Bakmi GM. This one is my favorite. This tea is strong but I can feel calm when I drink it.2015-11-25-21.22.04.jpg.jpeg
  20. Chrysanthemum tea – I bought it in China, and it taste so good. This one really help when I get a fever or feel unhealthy. The taste is light.2015-11-25-21.22.54.jpg.jpeg
  21. Java oolong tea with rose flavor from Tea 63 – This tea is strong. I need to brew it. Not one of my favorite but I like it.2015-11-25-21.23.22.jpg.jpeg
  22. 高山茶or you can call it gao shan cha in pinyin is kind of Oolong tea – When you brew it in a short time period, it will taste light. But if you brew it in a long time period, it will taste strong. It depend on how long you brew it. This one is taste so good. I love tea from Taiwan because tea from Taiwan always have a different characteristic. I don’t know how to explain it even if I write it in Indonesian language. I can taste it but I can’t explain.2015-11-25-21.24.01.jpg.jpeg
  23. Lavender Tea from Murchie’s – I bought it when I went to Canada. I found it near Robson St I guess. This tea is a very strong black tea. I put the tea bag on the water and forget it for quite a long time. When I drink it, it taste bitter. But I love the smell of lavender on it. Not one of my favorite tea but if one day I go back to Canada, I’ll be back to Murchie’s. I love this store’s ambience and I love their passion to tea. 2015-11-27-08.25.06.jpg.jpeg
  24. Wedding Blend Tea from Murchie’s – I bought it when I went to Canada. Still never try this tea. I bought it because I love it smells.2015-11-27-08.24.43.jpg.jpeg
  25. Camomile Tea – free sample when I bought a white tea 2015-11-25-21.22.26.jpg.jpeg


So from my tea experience, I know that I’m just the beginner. But my love to tea help me to make a classification.

You can guess what kind of tea is this from their smell, taste, and color. Black tea of course the darkest one. Oolong tea have a beautiful golden brown color. And white tea have a beautiful bright brown color. Every tea have a different smell.

I could brew premium tea more than five times and it still have the same texture, smell, and color. Not really different between first brew and seventh brew. But if your tea is not the premium one, maybe you only can brew it for two or three times before it change.

I also learn how people from other country enjoy their tea. I love to brew my tea than have it from tea bag. I enjoy my tea like I enjoy my life. Tea have a lot of benefit. Please search it yourself. Every tea have its own benefit.

Last but not least, I don’t add sugar to my tea. Only when I want it but it’s one in a million times because I love the real taste and smell of tea. And also because too much sugar will make me fat. Can you imagine how if I put sugar every time I drink a tea?

So what is your favorite tea?





Psssttt~ forgive me for my poor English LoL

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