Shao Kao, Guangzhou

Shaokao is kind of Chinese BBQ. They display the food, you choose and they will grill it for you. A lot of choice like pork, beef, chicken, squid, etc. They also have meatball, tofu, mantao, etc. You can choose garlic chives, mushroom, kale, etc for the vegetable. And you can have clam soup or mushroom soup. You also can order fried rice or fried noodle.

2015-11-25 09.30.12

on the way to eat shaokao near Jinan

Last week, I have my shaokao. Me and my aunty order tofu, mushroom soup, mantao, chicken, kucai, and of course my favorite oyster… A lot of oyster… And it only cost RMB 105.

2015-11-25 09.31.38

garlic chives

2015-11-25 09.31.14

I order a lot of oyster and almost forgot to take a picture Lol

2015-11-25 09.31.26

tofu and mantao

2015-11-25 09.31.02

mushroom soup = enoki and egg

2015-11-25 09.30.34

chicken grill

2015-11-25 09.30.47


One of my favorite shao kao in China is near Jinan Daxue Huawen Xueyuan, Dong Men Kou. Or the other is near Renhe area. Enjoy your shaokao with a glass of beer or apple vinegar juice.

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